July/August, 2020

Dear Prayer Team,                                                                      July/August, 2020

Three weeks from today (on August 4th), we should be landing in Brazil, the Lord willing!  Our son, Josh, plans to come from Brazil to travel back with us.  Please pray that our trip will be uneventful and go smoothly!  

john and bev at wilson church



Our journey out east began on June 10th, immediately after Bev’s mother’s funeral.  We met with 8 supporting individuals, reported back to 5 churches, and drove approximately 4,000 miles.  John also had the great opportunity to speak at a prison ministry in Tennessee where seven men made professions of faith.  


Upon our arrival in Brazil, we will need to quarantine for 14 days, but we will continue in contact with our churches, and will dive into the work as soon as the Lord allows.  Our work in Sao Pedro has been meeting corporately for three weeks, as the mayor has allowed them to begin public services.  Most of the other works will be reopening at least by the beginning of August.  


Please continue praying for our world and specifically the USA and Brazil during these uncertain times.  We recently saw a quote that we liked and it is what we are trying to do.  It says, “Don’t curse the darkness…Light a candle!”  May the Lord be our guide as we head back to Brazil to once again shine our lights for Him!


Thank you for your prayers and support, which mean so much to us!  May God bless and keep each one!


Sincerely in Christ,

 John and Bev Leonard                                                                                      thumbnail_62FB28ED-1E5D-4270-855D-5FBBB804E3D5(1)

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May/June, 2020

Dear Prayer Team,                                                                              May/June, 2020


On March 16th, we had our final meeting before the Corona Virus regulations began.  We then stayed busy at home keeping in touch with our ministries in Brazil, making videos, sending words of encouragement, counseling…etc. and that has continued as of today.  The word we have from Brazil is that because of the severe effects of the virus, they will not be meeting regularly in public church services until after July 20th.  We have seen at least three individuals saved as a result of online ministries, reaching into the hearts and lives of people that would not have otherwise been reached!  Praise God for His goodness!  On May 24th, we were able to continue with our regular furlough ministries, reporting to our supporting churches and friends. Thank you for your prayers!

john and bev at wilson church




Twenty-twenty has been a challenging year for a schedule.  This past Saturday, we were planning to make a trip to Chicago to visit part of our support team, and then head on out east where we would minister for the rest of the month of June.  However, on Friday, we received a phone call letting us know that Bev`s mother, Donna Fincham was not expected to live.  So instead of packing up and heading to Chicago, we headed to Kansas.  Early Saturday morning on June 6th, God took Mother home to heaven.  Once again, the Lord has changed our plans, but it looks like our trip out east will be able to continue later on this week.



Our return to Brazil is still set for late July.  There are quite a few things that need to fall into place in order for that to happen, so please pray.  Also pray for John who has been asked to officiate a wedding in Brazil on August 8th.  Since a good portion of those who will attend are not believers, John is already excited to have yet another golden opportunity to give a clear presentation of the Gospel to some who have possibly never heard.  


We have no words to tell you how grateful we are for your prayers and support.  They mean the world to us especially in these uncertain days.  Thank you and the Lord bless and keep each one!

Sincerely in Christ,

John and Bev Leonard                                                                     



Mission Address: Baptist Mid-Missions, 7749 Webster Rd. Cleveland, OH 44130

Field Address: Maxi Shopping. Av. Ant. Fred. Ozanam, 6000, Loja 1250, Caixa Postal 3047,

13215-970 Jundiai, SP, Brasil,                    

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March/April, 2020

The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in Him.  Nahum 1:7

Dear Prayer Team,

Over the years, we have used this verse to encourage us and others. May we remember always to run to Him in times of “trouble!”


On Sunday, March 15, we spoke at Park Lane Baptist Church in Omaha, NE.  The churches we were supposed to report to yesterday (March 22nd) and the next two Sundays have cancelled normal services as most will be doing them online.  Our plans are to make a personal video for each of these ministries to thank them and also send them a copy of our presentation.  Please pray that the ban on meetings will be lifted and we will be able to resume regular furlough ministries.


Yesterday, thanks to our internet connections, we were able to make contact with all of our ministries in Brazil, including those in the North.  It was a joy to be able to encourage them through song, Bible reading/devotional and prayer time. We also participated in a 12 hour prayer “chain,” hosted by one of our churches in Maceio.  Each half hour from 5:00 p.m to 5:00 am, someone would be praying…all through the night and early morning hours. Please pray especially for the new believers and those who are close to making a decision.  The Christians are remaining strong and are anxious to get back to meeting corporately as a body of Christ.


We praise the Lord for how He continues to use our family during this unique time of ministry.  Please remember to uplift each one of us so that we can find “creative” ways to reach out to people, especially the lost.  We know that God has a purpose for all that is happening in our world.

Bev’s mother recently fell and broke her hip.  After a surgery and some hospital recovery time, the doctors felt it necessary for her to be admitted to a nursing home.  Please pray.

Though the days seem somewhat dark because of all that is happening around us, we continue to reflect upon the light of God’s precious Word…specifically the verse in Nahum 1: 7.  One thing we know for sure…the Lord is GOOD!  Thank you for your prayers and may God bless and keep each one.

With grateful hearts,

John and Bev Leonard

Mission Address: Baptist Mid-Missions, 7749 Webster Rd. Cleveland, OH 44130 

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Maxi Shopping. Av. Ant. Fred. Ozanam, 6000, Loja 1250,

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January-February, 2020

Dear Prayer Team,                                                                             January-February, 2020

Winter driving and sub-zero temperatures are making us long to head back to Brazil!  However, even with the cold weather, our hearts have been warmed as we have had wonderful fellowship with supporting individuals and churches.  God has been so good to us, and we look forward to continuing on our journeys across a total of 29 states.  Please pray as we travel and minister.

In December, John was called to jury duty here in Des Moines, IA and was able to give his testimony to various individuals, incorporating the Gospel message.  Also, how thrilled we were to be able to minister to over 60 high school students at an event in Chariton, IA.  Please pray for these and many other opportunities.  As we travel, we share.




We are grateful that we have received good reports of the works in Brazil.  Continue praying for the new believers, Sandro, Maria Jo, Julia, Genivaldo, Marcilene, Lisio and Kaue, that the enemy would not get the victory in their lives.  Since their baptisms not long before we came back to the States, they have jumped right into the work and are being used in mighty ways. We would also appreciate your prayers for the main leaders in our Guarani works, Roberto, Mario, Junior, and Monica, as they strive to continue faithfully spreading the Good News in the villages.

baptism, kauè (2)
How wonderful it was to be able to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas with most of our immediate family and all of our grandchildren!  They all bring us such joy! It was also a blessing to be together as a family to celebrate Bev’s father’s 90th birthday on January 1, 2020.  We praise the Lord for his dedication to the Lord for many years and the legacy he has left to all of us.


How can we thank you enough for your prayers and support for our ministry?  We are blessed!

Sincerely in Christ,

John and Bev Leonard


Mission Address: Baptist Mid-Missions, 7749 Webster Rd. Cleveland, OH 44130

Field Address: Maxi Shopping. Av. Ant. Fred. Ozanam, 6000, Loja 1250, Caixa Postal 3047,

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October-December, 2019

“For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but  that the world through him might be saved.   John 3:17

Dear Friends and Family,



-What a joy to recently participate in the “Shekinah” (“the glory of God is present”) handicapped ministry in São Paulo!  God has been increasingly burdening us in this area, and most likely you will be hearing lots more about it in the future.  We can’t wait to be able to be used to reach out to this very special group and expand God’s kingdom for His glory.


-Although we do not actively seek out these opportunities, the Lord has allowed us to participate in two funerals in recent days, both of which we were able to give out the Gospel  to large groups of unsaved family and friends.  Thank you for your prayers for those grieving, some of whom we are quite sure heard the Gospel for the very first time.



-What a blessing for John to officiate the baptism of five individuals at São Pedro!  Please pray for Sandro, Maria, Julia, Genildo, and Marcilene, two young couples and one junior-aged girl!  They are new believers and so excited about serving our great God!


It is with great satisfaction that we share with you, that after four years of ministry here in Brazil, we will be returning to the States for our furlough at the end of 2019 and the Lord willing will stay for at least six months in the year 2020.  We are excited about connecting with our supporting churches, supporting individuals, friends and family, and of course  spending some “quality time” spoiling our five adorable grandchildren!

Here are our annual up-dated family pictures. We could not be more grateful for your support, prayers, and friendship during the year 2019!


josh and lanara gramado

 Josh and Lanara


Jerrod, Alyssa & Girls

jonna professional

Jonna, Tim and Boys

jeanne alice and bunny

        Jeanne, Andrew & Family


all the grandkids together All the grandchildren together!   

  Titus, Adrianna, Marcus, Kenlee, Alice


May God grant to each of you a blessed and joyous Christmas season as you reflect on Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world!


John and Bev Leonard

Mission Address: Baptist Mid-Missions, 7749 Webster Rd. Cleveland, OH 44130

Field Address: Maxi Shopping. Av. Ant. Fred. Ozanam, 6000, Loja 1250, Caixa Postal 3047, 13215-970 Jundiai, SP, Brasil,                    E-mail: prayforjohn@msn.com    Website: prayforjohnblog.wordpress.com

July-September, 2019

Dear Prayer Team,                                                                           July-September, 2019


“From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed:

 lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” 

 Psalm 61:2


We must confess that as of late we have felt somewhat “overwhelmed” at all that is at hand in the work of the Lord here in Brazil.  However, what a great blessing and  comfort to see how God has pointed us straight to Himself…THE ROCK, that is much higher than we are!  He has been our guide and our stability and has always led us each step of the way!



John hasn’t changed much for those of you who have known him for some time.  We had to switch tires AGAIN on his wheelchair!  You can tell by the picture that he wears them down to the threads before replacing them!  Many of you care about John’s needs and help us keep his chair in working order so that he can minister.  Thank you!!john~s worn out tire


Our kitchen at São Pedro now has brand new cupboards!!   Most of our items were out on open shelves, so this has made a great difference in sanitation and organization! Thank you to all who helped out with this much needed project! 





We recently had the privilege of hosting Luke Flickinger, a young man from Iowa who has opened his heart to the Lord concerning missions. Some of the things he was involved in were… walking up and down the mountain streets of São Pedro witnessing and inviting people to church, helping John with his wood-working projects, participating in meetings in homes, singing special numbers and giving his testimony, helping us with errands, making new friends, and last, but certainly not least…helping open up a new work in a Guarani village!  



Nothing was more exciting to us than following the Lord’s leading up a mountain to a “higher rock” and having the privilege of opening up a new work in Guarani Village #4 near the town of Tapiraí!  Before going, we prayed for open hearts and how thrilled we are that we were able to share the Gospel, sing, and pray at the homes, one of which was the village chief’s!  What an honor to serve God here in Brazil!  Continue praying for God to work in the lives of these dear people who need Him so desperately.



God bless you as you pray and give!

Sincerely in Christ,

John and Bev Leonard

Missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions


Mission Address: Baptist Mid-Missions, 7749 Webster Rd. Cleveland, OH 44130

Field Address: Maxi Shopping; Av. Ant. Fred. Ozanam, 6000; Loja 1250, Caixa Postal 3047;

13215-970 Jundiai, SP, Brasil

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May-June, 2019

“And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them…”

Mark 16:20

Hello Prayer Warriors,                                                  May-June, 2019      *written by John!

The Lord is truly working… thank you for praying…thank you for giving.

Bev and I are actively evangelizing up and down all 32 streets on our side of the mountain. We are certainly getting a physical workout, but most importantly, spiritual results.  Sandro and Maria have been saved and are in our discipleship course…never miss a meeting, always come early.  Genildo and Marcilene are saved and also in our discipleship course.  They love to bring visitors.  Orlando and Marlene are unsaved, but really interested and searching.


Sandro and Maria

marcilene e genilson

Genildo and Marcilene

casal idoso

Orlando and Marlene

The rains have completely subsided, allowing our 12 yr. old van with 234 thousand hard kilometers to make it farther back into the trails of the reservations.  Where the trails end, the paths begin. We usually go as far as John’s chair can go.  As you pray, we go, reaching the unreached.

Many sister churches in our area use plastic chairs, that don’t hold up under the tropics. They must usually be replaced with another plastic chair.  The Lord has given  Bev and I a burden to break this cycle and build benches that will last many years into the future.  We are in the process of finishing up 50 benches.  We have two styles…with and without a back. (See prayforjohnblog.wordpress.com for pictures of this project…)


bench legs unfinished


IMG_6085[1]tools, bench project


finished white benches

bars of ferro, benches

bench legs



tools, bench project 2

pedro e joao drilling

bending the bench legs


welding, bench legs










Our family is growing!  On April 21 (Easter Day!), Alice Kay Bush was born to our youngest daughter, Jeanne, and her youth pastor husband, Andrew.  On May 29, Titus John O’Tool was born to our oldest daughter, Jonna, and her associate pastor husband, Timothy.


May God bless us all as we serve Him together.


Sincerely in Christ,                                                                              

John and Bev Leonard                                                 

Missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions 


Mission Address: Baptist Mid-Missions, 7749 Webster Rd. Cleveland, OH 44130

Field Address: Maxi Shopping. Av. Ant. Fred. Ozanam, 6000, Loja 1250, Caixa Postal 3047,

13215-970 Jundiai, SP, Brasil,

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March-April, 2019

Dear Prayer Team,                                                                                  March 19, 2019

Ministry News- Thank you for your prayers for our ministries in the villages and also in São Pedro. Because of the unusual amount of rain that we have received, our ministries in two of our villages have been sporadic because of poor access.  At our Bible study held at village #3 at the beginning of March, both our van and John’s chair got stuck in the mud! Thankfully with the help of the villagers, and John’s “ingenuity,” we were able to get both out.  But according to the forecast, the rains are to be letting up soon, and we will get back in full swing. 

village bible study In São Pedro, the Lord has opened up a door for a Sunday afternoon children’s club in a government housing project not too far from the church.  We are excited to see what God will do with this opportunity.  Pray also for Bev as she is teaching piano to two of our young ladies and will be speaking at a bridal shower on April 6th.

kids at casinhas


Brazil News- Many of you have prayed with us for our nation, and we are thankful to report that we have seen progress in the right direction since our new president has taken office in January.  In fact, today, (Tuesday, March 19) as we write this letter, he is scheduled to meet with President Trump to discuss USA/Brazil relations, and we feel this is a good thing.  Your prayers regarding our nation are greatly appreciated .


Short-Termer News- We are looking forward to hosting a young man, Luke Flickenger, from St. Charles, IA during the month of May.  Pray that God would work in his life, use him, and give him a great burden for the mission field of Brazil.

Family News-Thank you for always remembering to pray for our adult children, Josh, Jerrod, Jonna, and Jeanne.  Most of you know that both of our daughters are expecting babies very soon.  Jeanne’s due date is on Palm Sunday, April 14th.  Jonna’s due date is on John’s birthday, May 26th.  Continue praying for the safe delivery of healthy babies, and most importantly, that these little ones will be saved at an early age and grow up to please and honor the Lord.


We simply cannot thank you enough for your continued prayers on our behalf.  May the Lord bless each one.

Sincerely in Christ,                                                                              

John and Bev Leonard                                                                   

Missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions                                                       

 Mission Address: Baptist Mid-Missions, 7749 Webster Rd. Cleveland, OH 44130

Field Address: Maxi Shopping. Av. Ant. Fred. Ozanam, 6000, Loja 1250, Caixa Postal 3047, 13215-970 Jundiai, SP, Brasil,

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January/ February, 2019

Dear Prayer Team,                                                                                                             

At the beginning of 2018, we listed goals to expand our ministry in various aspects in 2018.  Through God’s blessing, your prayers, and support, much has been accomplished.



How thankful we are that the Guarani work was indeed expanded to not only include one other village but two!  We are referring to our works as Guarani 1 (our first one), Guarani 2 (the second and largest one in South Sao Paulo), and Guarani 3 (the one we most recently started).  We are happy to report that Guarani 1 is now in the hands of a well-established national church, and is going well.  Guarani 2 is moving along, with another stable church holding a majority of the meetings.  Although relatively new, the work at Guarani 3 is progressing, and John is loving teaching God’s Word “out in the sticks!”  Thank you again for your prayers for these wonderful ministry opportunities God has placed in our hands.


Our long-time dream of building a parsonage on the back of the church property in São Pedro came true in 2018!  The funds for a simple two-story-900 foot structure came in surprisingly quickly, and what joy it brings us to see Pastor Mazinho and Selma happily using their home for Bible studies, hospitality, an “expanded” church kitchen…etc.  It has been a great asset to the work there.  All praise goes to our Heavenly Father and to our supporters, who so graciously gave!


Our expansion in counseling and discipleship project in São Paulo has also made headway.  What a joy to see the newly remodeled classrooms in the old house being used to further the Gospel and disciple believers.


Most of you know by now that our family expanded this year with the marriage of our oldest son, Joshua, to a lovely, godly, Brazilian nurse, Lanara.  Their November wedding was beautiful and meaningful, and we praise the Lord for this answered prayer. 

josh and lanara happy wedding


Our expansion plans continue this year as we would love to see chapels built both at Guarani 2 and 3. More importantly, of course, are the lost souls and new believers of the villages.  Hearts are opening.  Please pray with us regarding these works.  


Our first study with the chieftess was in our van since it was raining and too muddy for John to get out of the car.

john bible study guarani 3guarani choir

Guarani Children’s Choir                                                   Bible study…precious times.

bev coloring at guarani 3john talking to guys guarani 3

John Witnessing to the Guarani Guys.





Bev coloring with the Guarani children


john in makeshift tent guarani 3

John in make-shift tent at the village…

Pray for the work in São Pedro. Our goals for the year include building up all our ministries with a special focus on the children, as the Lord has allowed us to reach several young couples this year.  We have seen good improvement this year, but there is room for much more.


Dedication of Baby Lucas, son of Vilma and Andre.

Please also pray for the São Paulo discipleship /counseling ministry.  God is blessing and working in lives.  
Our goal for 2019 would be to continue the remodeling, and making of more classroom space to be used to expand the church in the areas of evangelism and discipleship in this very needy city.  

john at casa rio pequeno

Our family will be expanding once again in 2019!  Both of our daughters are expecting babies–Jeanne in April (her first), and Jonna in May (her second)!  We would appreciate your prayers for safe and healthy deliveries and most of all, that our daughters and their husbands would raise these children to love and honor the Lord.


As always, thank you for the time you spent this year praying and supporting this ministry!  We look forward to serving together with you in 2019! 

For Him,


John and Bev Leonard

Missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions                                                       


Mission Address: Baptist Mid-Missions, 7749 Webster Rd. Cleveland, OH 44130

Field Address: Maxi Shopping. Av. Ant. Fred. Ozanam, 6000, Loja 1250, Caixa Postal 3047,

13215-970 Jundiai, SP, Brasil,



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September-December, 2018

 “But thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift.”

II Cor. 9:16

Dear Praying Friends,                                                                                                     

God’s gift to us (Jesus!) is unspeakable!  What a joy it has been to share that gift here in Brazil during 2018.  Here are a few recent highlights.

We could not be more thrilled that an opportunity for a Bible study has opened up at a third Guarani village.  That is exciting enough, but it is even better that the study is being held with Mrs. Geni (the chieftess) and her sons.  They have also expressed interest in building a chapel. The other two Guarani works are going fine and we praise the Lord for those from local churches who are working alongside.

It was a joy for John to be able to officiate the baptism of  Kamilli, Carolina, Cida, and Maria at São Pedro this past Sunday night.  A national pastor served as John’s “arms and legs.” The service was a great blessing. Many unsaved were present. Please pray as follow-up is being done.

four people baptized

At the church in São Pedro, ceiling tiles are going in, the auditorium and fellowship hall are being painted and a storage room has been turned into a Sunday school room.  The older house and property that was purchased in São Paulo for a family educational and counseling center needed extra reinforcements in order to do the remodeling project, and all of the electrical wiring needed replaced.  Praise the Lord with us as two of the rooms are finished and will be inaugurated this next Sunday.  It is always wonderful to be active in the area of remodeling and construction.

Our biggest family news this year is, of course, the wedding of our oldest boy, Josh, to his fiancé, Lanara, on November 23rd.  We also have recently learned that our youngest daughter, Jeanne, and her husband, Andrew, are expecting their first child sometime in April!  Rejoice together with us for God’s blessing upon our family, and we covet your fervent prayers for each one.
To see more family and ministry pictures, it would be an honor to have you visit our blog:

prayforjohnblog.word press.com.

josh and lanara, john and bev (3)           all the family in the usa

                   Josh and Lanara                            Alyssa, Jerrod, Jonna, Tim, Jeanne, Andrew

Kenlee, Marcus, Adrianna…?…?


During this wonderful season, not only are we pausing to thank our Lord for His unspeakable Gift, we are also thanking Him for YOU, our prayer warriors and supporters. Thank you, dear friends!


For Him,


John and Bev Leonard

Missionaries to Brazil with BMM


Mission Address: Baptist Mid-Missions, 7749 Webster Rd. Cleveland, OH 44130

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